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Bertha Peak
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
July 9, 2004

The trip to Bertha Peak begins at Waterton townsite, up the trail to Bertha Lake. From the lake, Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies proposes two possible routes: left or right of the waterfall. The easier route is on the left, but Dinah and I took the route on the right, up a series of gullies. By avoiding the scree and sticking to solid rock, we found good scrambling. However, there was more routefinding than I expected. After reaching the ridgetop, we enjoyed the ridgewalk to the summit.

KML and GPX Tracks

Hiking to Bertha Lake

Purple fleabane

Bertha Peak from Bertha Lake: we ascended right of the waterfall

Heading to the base of the mountain

Starting up the rocky slope

We started up in a gully to the right of the waterfall

Typical scrambling on the lower slope. You run into scree if you go left towards the waterfalls.

We found a good diagonal to ascend

Colourful rocks everywhere

We were kept busy looking for a good route up

Routefinding becomes easier near the top

The grade eases near the ridge crest. Bertha Lake below.

We reached the ridge crest

On the ridge, it's a wide-open hike to the top

Looking back

On the summit

82 H/4 Waterton Lakes

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