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Fire Wave and other points of interests
Valley of Fire, Nevada
October 17, 2013

Distance: 6.7 km (4.2 mi)
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 165 m (541 ft

Although Valley of Fire lacks any sizeable peaks, it abounds with fantastic landscape features worth seeing. I strung a few of these together to create a trip. Dinah, Sonny and I sought out Fire Wave, Fire Cave, Thunderstorm Arch and the White Domes (Sonny scrambled up the highest White Dome while Dinah hiked to a high point where I took the above panorama). Although it was satisfying to see all these attractions, the real excitement lay in exploring the colourful and amazing wonderland to reach them.

Our route took on a figure-8 loop that defies an easy description. It worked well except for one thing: unwittingly we parked illegally. Only after finishing our trip to find a notice on our windshield did we realize that roadside parking is prohibited. We could have completed the same route had we parked at the White Domes parking lot. Bad choice of parking aside, our trip has much to recommend. Valley of Fire is a large state park with lots more to see. We're sure to return.

KML and GPX Tracks
Sonny's Trip Report

Heading into a small slot canyon

In the canyon

Deeper into the canyon

After leaving the canyon we'll cross the plateau ahead

Starting up the plateau

Looking back

Heading to Fire Wave

Fire Wave is the rise in the foreground on the left

Sonny stands on top of Fire Wave

Gibraltar Rock on the skyline seen from Fire Wave

Setting off for Fire Cave

Looking back

We had hoped to reach Fire Cave by crossing this red sandstone formation but we got cliffed-out and had to backtrack to seek another route.

Sonny follows

Sonny scrambled up a high point. Dinah and I later climbed the next point on the right.

The same high points seen from behind

Crazy Hill in the centre (mouse over for a close-up)

Fire Cave doesn't look very cave-like (mouse over for a closer view)

Thunderstorm Arch. Afterwards, Dinah and I hiked up the ridge In the background.

Dinah heads to the high point we reached

Sonny gravitates to one of the White Domes

Another look at Sonny's objective

Sonny near the top

On top

Sonny points to the chimney he ascended

Coming down White Domes Trail

Movie set for the 1966 movie "The Professionals" (mouse over to read sign)

Heading back through a small slot canyon in Kaolin Wash

Valley of Fire West (4.2 mi, 2116 ft, 279 ft)

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