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Sherbrooke Lake
Yoho National Park, B.C.
January 2, 2001

The Hostel Outdoor Group kicked off the New Year with a snowshoe trip to Sherbrooke Lake. We parked at the motel on Kicking Horse Pass and took the trail to the south end of Sherbrooke Lake. After following the west shore for a way, we crossed the lake and continued up the east shore to the north end of the lake. A couple hundred metres past the lake we settled down for a pleasant lunch before retracing our steps.

On the trail to Sherbrooke Lake

When we reached Sherbrooke Creek, Vic checked for a place to cross while Dinah, Carolyn and Sarah wait

We followed the creek to the lake

Sarah, Caroline, Dinah, Rick and Vic

Sherbrooke Lake ahead

We followed the west shore and then crossed the lake and snowshoed along the east shore

We stopped for lunch

Heading back to the south end of the lake

The trees towered over us

Clouds obscured the views all day

Vic triggers a snow drop

82 N/8 Lake Louise

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