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Kent South Peak
Kananaskis, Alberta
January 12, 2008

Distance: 6.3 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 595 m

I came across this snowshoe trip on It had all the makings of a good trip although the deadfall at the beginning was worse than I expected. Several large trees, still bearing needles, were apparently recent victims of a tempest.

After getting through the extensive deadfall, Dinah and I came upon a half-buried trail, too wide to be anything but a snowshoe trail. It was firmer than the surrounding terrain so we followed it until it abruptly ended. I wondered if the trail breakers ran out of energy and turned back.

We made good time while on the trail and followed it for most of our trip. It did, however, veer to the right side of the crest, so the first thing we had to do when the trail stopped, was regain the ridge. This proved to be taxing. Not only was the slope steep, but we sank up to our knees in the soft snow.

After a long plod in the shade, we started to encounter a few welcome breaks in the trees where we could enjoy the sunshine and take in some mountain scenery. Snowshoeing became easier and we made it to the summit without any difficulties.

Before going back, we took a few photos. Trees prevented me from doing a 360-degree summit panorama so I did a sweep looking north.

We enjoyed the trip. Although the deadfall and the long plod in the trees detracted, the views on the open slopes and the summit were worth it.

KML and GPX Tracks

Fallen trees, like these, forced us to make large detours

Here we were able to climb over the deadfall

We came to few open areas in the trees

Following an old snowshoe trail

Clouds above Lower Kananaskis Lake behind us

Once we left the trail, we were knee-deep in snow despite our snowshoes

Red crossbill

Some minor ups and downs along the way

At higher elevations we welcomed the open slopes

Looking back at the Elk Range on the right

The summit is on the left

Minutes away from the summit

We made our way to the treed top

Stuck in a tree well on the summit

Lower Kananaskis Lake

Gypsum Ridge

Starting back down

Following our steps back

82 J/11 Kananaskis Lakes

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