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Wendell Mountain (attempt)
Kananaskis, Alberta
June 2, 2007

After climbing the East Peak of Wendell, we decided to go after Wendell Mountain itself using Andrew Nugara's website account of his ascent. Starting from Yamnuska Mountain parking, we hiked over the east end of Yamnuska to the CMC Valley. We followed the valley eastward to the drainage west of Wendell Mountain. We slogged up a scree slope until we reached the rocky ridge that we scrambled up, reaching a point between two pinnacles. That's as far as we got.

A couple of navigational errors cost us time, but mostly it was the heat that stopped us. The hot weather slowed us considerably.. By the time we reached the ridge, we realized we needed to conserve our energy for the long return back. We turned around a kilometre before the summit.

Easy bushwhacking at the west end of the valley

A piece of wood appears to be attacking a white dryad plant

We headed to the basin left of Wendell Mountain

Looking back, Yamnuska in the background

Approaching the scree basin

We face a long scree slog

We headed up the scree on the left

Cliff bands on our right

Near the ridge crest we hugged the rock on the right for solid footing

Scrambling up a chimney to the ridge (mouse over to look back)

Second pinnacle

Looking along the ridge toward the false summit

We found this huge (24 cm), ancient dinner knife on the ridge

Association Peak on the right

Descending the scree slope

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