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Mount Invincible East Ridge
Kananaskis, Alberta
September 8, 2000

While going through photos I had taken in 2000, I came across a scramble up the East Ridge of Mount Invincible that I never posted. Back then, I hiked with the Hostel Outdoor Group. I remember little about that trip, but those photos and my GPS track tell the story. (GPS receivers weren't reliable then and some of my track is missing.) 20 years later, I decided to post it.

Starting at Peninsula day-use area, Zora, Kari, Elizabeth, Sue and I followed Rick as he led us up the exploration road to the gypsum quarry. The trip didn't end there, however. After leaving the road, we started up the east ridge of Mount Invincible. It began as a hike but ended with a scramble to a rocky point. Rick hadn't advised us to bring helmets, so none of us did. I don't recall the climb, but apparently we made it up safely and easily.

From the top, we continued down to a col. From there we descended the gully north. Once at the bottom, we worked our way southeast back to the road. Hiking back along the road, we were surprised to find an unbelievably bountiful strawberry patch. We all stopped to gorge on the tiny fruit before continuing.

KML and GPX Tracks

Looking southeast after reaching the treeline

Starting up the open ridge

Looking back at a cairn we passed

Scrambling up
the ridge

Mount Indefatigable lies south

Looking back at the high point (centre) that we reached

One of the Gypsum Tarns appears below Indefatigable

Mount Invincible appears invincible from here

This must be our descent gully which turns left below Invincible

Hiking back down the road

Strawberries were plentiful

Elizabeth, Kari, Zora, Rick and Sue feasting on the fruit

82 J/11 Kananaskis Lakes

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