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Roche à Perdrix
Jasper National Park, Alberta
August 23, 2003

Distance: 6.3 m
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1155 m

Given the exotic name, I was expecting Roche à Perdrix to be a little more exciting. it is, however, mostly a hike but one worthwhile because of the views.

The route begins on a trail on the northwest ridge but diverts to the left side of the ridge to run under massive cliffs. Eventually it starts to curve right until under the summit where Dinah and I hiked and scrambled up the east slope.

KML and GPX Tracks

Roche à Perdrix from the highway

On the trail

Athabasca River appears below

Hiking along the base of the cliff

Distinct fold in the rock along the path

Hiking up below the cliffs

Ascending the backside

Mostly a hike up

Some scrambling near the top

Looking across the river

On the summit plateau

For those who wish, it's possible to explore further

Going back down

83 F/4 Miette

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