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Hawk Mountain
Jasper National Park, Alberta
August 24, 2003
Distance: 16.8 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1670 m

Dinah and I thought Hawk Mountain was a long but interesting scramble. Above the treeline there's a good trail and the crux is well-marked. We avoided the chimney and scrambled easily on the right.

After that, it's a long, steep ascent to the ridge crest. In some places it's quite steep, and I thought a slip would send me sliding a short ways down. Once on the ridge, however, it becomes a delightful ridgewalk albeit a long one interrupted by many false summits.

The route time in the book seems to be rather optimistic. Some parties have taken as much as 11.5 hours to complete the trip. We managed a 9-hour trip, less 20 minutes on the summit, at a steady but comfortable pace. However, the lower end of 5 hours stated in the book appears to be exceptional. Whatever the time it takes, it's a worthwhile peak with good scrambling, interesting rock and great views.

KML and GPX Tracks

Hawk Mountain from the highway

Hiking up the trail

Athabasca River

Negotiating deadfall on the lower slopes

Looking back as we made our way to the crux

The crux: the chimney is left but it's easier to climb to the right although exposed

A steep climb after the crux

Switching ridges: after ascending half of the elevation gain, the summit is still far off (far right)

We started looking for a place to regain the ridge

We followed what appeared to be a sidewalk!

We're back on the ridge

The views behind unfolded as we climbed higher

Routefinding was usually easy

Terrain varies along the way, always interesting

The rest is a long but interesting ridge walk with little scrambling and lots of false summits like the one ahead

Impressive-looking ridge section

Looking back along the ridge

One of the more interesting sections

Climbing up a chute

Looking back along the ridge

The river lies far below

Nearing the summit

The summit

Heading back down

Back at the top of the crux

Dinah carefully descends the crux

83 E/1 Snaring River

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