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Tangle Ridge
Jasper National Park, Alberta
July 25, 2003
Distance: 10.6 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1166 m

Tangle Ridge is just a hike, but the scenery is inspiring. Caroline, Dinah and I started at Tangle Falls, going up the trail for Wilcox Pass. Half an hour later, we turned left onto a drainage. Look for cairns marking the exit from the trail. We followed the side trail through the trees as we climbed above the left side of the drainage. After reaching scree slopes, we continued to the summit.

I couldn't take a summit panorama because of buildings. Nonetheless, it's a ringside seat for viewing glaciated peaks.

KML and GPX Tracks

Tangle Ridge from Mount Nigel

Emerging from the trees

After climbing out of the gully, it's a slog to the summit (centre) which looks awfully gentle!

Taking a break

The grade is rather gentle!

Sunwapta Peak seen from the summit

On the way back with Mount Wilcox in view

Alpine hawksbeard

Heading back to the creek

83 C/6 Sunwapta

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