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Eagle Lake
Strathmore, Alberta
February 18, 2023

Distance: 11.0 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 131 m

Eagle Lake doesn't rise above the level of a nature walk, but it suited our purposes. I was recovering from a back injury, and since this trip was virtually flat, it was just what the doctor ordered, or I should say, physiotherapist. Details of the hike can be found on Alltrails.

The trailhead for Eagle Lake lies south of Strathmore next to a recycling yard, but despite our concerns, Dinah and I didn't notice any unpleasant odour. We soon passed the yard and followed the broad, straight trail that once held train tracks.

Even as a nature walk, the trail to Eagle Lake isn't inspiring. On either side, farm fields extend as far as one can see interrupted only by a few buildings. More interesting was the variety of birds we spotted along the way. Just before the lake, the trail gently bends and leads to a narrow berm that crosses the lake. We didn't venture far along the berm and soon turned around to begin the monotonous trudge back.

Situated next to a recycling yard, the trailhead is among the most unattractive I've seen

A few trees line the trail at the start


Thousands of tiny anthills pockmarked the trail

This tree caught my eye

Fields border the trail

Red-winged blackbird

Nearly halfway, we crossed a road. It would be tempting to start here.

The trail passes some ponds

There were few wildflowers

Approaching the lake

The trail runs to the berm

We walked a short distance along the berm

A yellow-headed blackbird perched in the cattails

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