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Read’s Ridge (Attempt)
Kananaskis, Alberta
January 12, 2002

Kari, Dinah and I actually set off to climb Mount Sparrowhawk but quickly changed our objective to Read's Ridge because of snow conditions. But even Read's Ridge was out of our reach because of deep snow. The snow was so deep in places that our boots couldn't even touch the ground. We had to resort to crawling on top of the snow. We stopped just 35 horizontal metres from the top of the ridge!

We climbed over 600 m before turning back. Wishing to avoid deep snow going back, we headed to the drainage southwest of Read's Ridge. Here travel was easier although treacherous in places because of ice, and we had no crampons. But the drainage also held some pleasing frozen surprises. We had quite the adventure.

Dinah and I returned in 2011 to ascend both Read's Ridge and Read's Tower.

Easy travel on the lower slopes. Read's Ridge above.

Snow so deep we had to crawl on top of it

Spray Lakes Reservoir

Stopping for a break on the way down

We reached the drainage that we'll followed out

Ater descending the drainage for a time, we hit ice

We Dinah and Kari carefully descend an icy section in the creek

What appears to be an open slope was an ice fall hidden under snow

Dinah recovers after slipping

Overhanging rock

82 J/14 Spray Lakes Reservoir

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