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Pasque Mountain (Attempt)
Kananaskis, Alberta
October 28, 2006

When Dinah and I attempted Pasque Mountain, the trip unfolded well until we climbed the north peak. There we were hit by strong winds. We hiked along the ridge, but turned back when we were nearly a kilometre from the south peak, the summit. The wind was increasing, and we were beginning to freeze.

When I had opened my pack, my Gortex over-mitts were sucked away by the wind, so my hands soon became frozen. I was also worried about body cold. I wore two long-sleeve shirts plus three jackets: a fleece, a heavy wind-resistant soft shell and a Gortex jacket. Despite the layers, the cold was still penetrating! Dinah was similarly dressed and becoming cold as well. It wasn't safe to continue so we turned back.

We caught the sunrise en route to the trailhead

Duck on a pond

Probably a snow bunting

Hiking up the cut block with Pasque Mountain ahead

Starting the ascent up the ridge

Likely a flock of bohemian or cedar waxwings

We reached the ridge by following a faint sheep track

After reaching the point on the left, we'll drop down to the col and follow the road to the ridge on the right.

Heading down to the col

Almost on the ridge. Below is the ridge we came up.

This would be a pleasant hike normally, but the cold wind made it insufferable

We reached the top of the point in the foreground before turning back. The summit is on the left.

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