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Mount Hoffmann
Kananaskis, Alberta
November 20, 2021

Ten years ago, Mount Hoffmann was an obscure mountain that hadn’t yet appeared on the Internet or in a guidebook. Climbing it involved routefinding and bushwhacking. Not surprisingly, Dinah and I saw no one when we did it. But times have changed; now there's a popular path up.

After gathering at the parking lot with six friends, we started up Sheep trail. A brief walk brought us to the bridge over the icy Sheep River. We continued up the broad trail and 1.5 km after the bridge, we turned onto an old logging road. Still in trees, we followed the road until we came to the steep side trail leading to the ridge. Soon after the trail levels off, we broke out of the dark forest onto a bright meadow, the sun scintillating on the snow. The trail meanders up the open slope to the summit with Highwood Range setting the backdrop.

Too cold and windy to linger on the top, we pushed past trees to find a sheltered glade on the east side where we stopped to share stories and have lunch. Afterwards, we followed the trail back. Because of the trail, this was a faster trip than I expected. So quick and easy, it was no wonder we passed several parties going up.

KML and GPX Tracks

A few minutes after leaving the parking lot, we reached the bridge

Going up Sheep trail

Turning off onto the logging road

Hiking up the road

After leaving the road, we started up the steep trail

The trail becomes a walk in the woods after it reaches the ridge

We were hit by bright sunlight when we reached the edge of the meadow

Two weeks ago we climbed Bluerock Knob seen in the centre (mouse over)

We followed the trail up the slope

Looking back from near the summit

Going up the cliff band below the summit

Gathering on top of Mount Hoffmann

Stopping on the bridge on the way back: Teresa, Glenda, Zora, Wendy, Steve, Christine and Dinah

82 J/10 Mount Rae

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