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Lost Lake
Kananaskis, Alberta
September 16, 2017

A lake isn't my usual destination and on this trip it wasn't our primary objection. But when we couldn't reach peak 23842 east of Lost Lake, we settled on reaching the lake. Zora, Goulfia, Alina, Michael and I hiked 4.3 km up the Lillian Lake trail before turning off onto the primitive path for Lost Lake. A short way along the trail, we turned off for the unnamed peak. We entered a valley and followed a faint trail only to find it soon petered out. We continued a short distance, bushwhacking along a steep slope, but when the foliage became too dense, we returned to the Lost Lake trail.

This trail isn't maintained and we encountered some deadfall. Even so, it brought us to the lake. It's a nice enough lake, and unlike popular Lillian Lake, we were glad to have it to ourselves.

KML and GPX Tracks

Starting down the trail

Crossing the bridge over Kananaskis River

Crossing one of the smaller bridges

Picturesque stream junction

Coming up to another bridge

The trail briefly follows a dry creekbed

After leaving the trail to Lillian Lake we took the primitive path to Lost Lake

Passing Guinn's cabin

Fallen trees covered a trail section

We reached the snow line

The final stretch to the lake was along a dry creek bed

Lost Lake

Looking east at the peak we had originally set out for

Larches were just starting to turn

82 J/14 Spray Lakes Reservoir

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