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Muley Ridge and Carry Ridge
Kananaskis, Alberta
January 16, 2010

Short on time but longing for exercise, Dinah and I drove to the edge of Kananaskis Park just past Turner Valley. We followed the route outlined in Mike Potter's Ridgewalks, what he calls Entrances Ridges. We hiked up Muley Ridge and then traversed a saddle to Carry Ridge. After reaching Carry's summit, we continued on a short distance; we were tempted to ascend John Ware Ridge, but time did not permit. We headed back along Carry Ridge before following a fence line back.

This is not a scenic trip. Trees often limited views. Even when we did find a clearing, there was little to see as peaks were too distant. Nonetheless, we shared the trail with no one and enjoyed the solitude. There was little elevation gain, but the deep snow that prevailed in the valley provided a good workout.

A hawk takes flight from a tree top

The trail begins by the park sign

Less than ten minutes after setting off we get here. Muley and Carry Ridges
are in the background while the ascent ridge is in the foreground.

After ascending 30 m above the trailhead we lost it all when we reached the creek

The south end of Muley Ridge is open but the rest, we learned, is treed

Little scenery can be seen from Muley Ridge

Peaks are too distant to appreciate (mouse over for a close up)

We started up Carry Ridge from the saddle

On Carry Ridge

View northwest

John Ware Ridge in the distance

Heading back along Carry Ridge

Most of our postholing took place on our return in the valley

82 J/9 Turner Valley

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