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Green Mountain
Kananaskis, Alberta
May 26, 2002

For Green Mountain, Dinah and I started from Indian Oils. We crossed the bridge over Sheep River and followed Sheep trail to Green Mountain trail. Instead of hiking up the west slopes to the summit, however, we continued another kilometre east on the trail. We left the trail and ascended Spaulding Point at the end of the southeast ridge. From the point, we followed the ridge to the summit of Green Mountain. The summit, being treed, was disappointing. More interesting is the Castle, a large outcrop on the west slope below the summit. From the Castle, we descended a mix of grass and treed slopes to the Green Mountain trail, completing a counterclockwise loop.

Plodding in snow under overcast skies made for a miserable trip, but good weather and dry conditions probably wouldn't have helped much; it wouldn't ease the long approach which lacks views. But in the off-season, when options are limited, Green Mountain is a worthwhile hike.

Green Mountain seen from the trail

Dyson Falls

We left the trail and headed up the slope

Hiking to the summit

This outcrop, the Castle, was the only interesting feature

Climbing up the Castle

On the Castle

Another view of the Castle

82 J/10 Mount Rae

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