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Bull Creek Hills
Kananaskis, Alberta
December 17, 2005

Three years ago Dinah and I hiked up Bull Creek Hills in December following the route described in the Kananaskis Trail Guide. This time we returned to take in a more direct route. Despite the bitter cold in the morning, the trip was enjoyable given the great views under clear skies.

Bull Creek Hills shows our route on a drier day

Strangely, small areas like this one were hit with heavy frost

Feathered frost blankets plants

Highway is still in sight as we climbed

Holycross Mountain is on the left and Mount Head is on the right

Summit is on the right

Not much snow as we hiked up the ridge...

...except for the odd, hard snow drift

Just minutes from the summit. Holycross Mountain in the background

On the summit

To the east is nothing but prairie

We followed the ridge back down. In the background on the left are Zephyr Creek Hills.

82 J/7 Mount Head

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