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View from the south summit

Mount Yukness
Yoho National Park, B.C.
July 27, 2002

With a group of six, our climb up Mount Yukness began with a 12 km bus ride to Lake O'Hara. From the lodge, we followed the trail to Opabin Lake at the end of a valley. We left the trail and scrambled up the south slope to the col between the two summits of Yukness. We ascended the south summit first, and then returned to the col and made our way to the lower north summit. This is not a particularly challenging scramble, but the area displays unique scenery worth seeing.

The north peak of Yukness seen from Lake O'Hara

Looking back at Mary Lake on our way to the valley

Stopping on the trail

One of the lakes on the valley

The trail is well-maintained

Mount Yukness seen from the valley

Hiking alongside the creek

Looking back at Hungabee Lake

The ascent up Yukness begins at Opabin Lake

Ascending the scree above the lake

Scrambling up

Oesa Lake seen from the col

Traversing ledges below the ridge

Crossing a gully. Opabin Lake below.

Hiking along the ridge

Me, Carolyn, Dinah, Philip's friend, Philip and Wayne on the south summit

Taking a break on the ridge with another group. Mount Biddle in the background.

We started back down for the north summit

Scrambling up a pinnacle: overhanging rock made it tricky

On top of the pinnacle

Looking back at the south summit as we headed to the north summit

Looking down at the valley

On the north summit

View from the north summit

Heading back along the trail in the valley

Awesome scenery as we descended

We looked for a spot in the rocks to take a break

Everyone seemed glad to relax

82 N/8 Lake Louise

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