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Mount Carnarvon
Yoho National Park, B.C.
August 11, 2001

Distance: 17.2 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1750 m

Our ascent up Mount Carnarvon began with a plod up the 5.5 km trail to Hamilton Lake. From the lake, Anita and I began hiking up the south ridge, but the last 100 m of ascent is a difficult scramble. An awesome trip – Anita and I really enjoyed the scrambling near the top. We had no trouble routefinding our way up. Just below the summit, we found different routes to take.

Looking east at Mount Carnarvon

Hamilton Lake

Anita on the shoulder of Mount Carnarvon, above Hamilton Lake

We're well above the lake now

Despite appearances, routefinding was easy

Here we detoured left before we could continue up

We then we right

The rock was excellent!

More great rock!

Scrambling doesn't get much better than this!

Final steps to the summit

Anita and me on the summit

Standing by the summit cairn

Wapta Mountain

The descent is slightly trickier

Back at Hamilton Lake, Anita and I took a dip in the frigid waters

82 N/7 Golden

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