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The Wedge
Kananaskis, Alberta
June 25, 2000

The Wedge is a difficult scramble with an exposed ridge section, although brief. Joining me on this adventure were Anita, Dale, Kari, and Marina.

Starting from Wedge Pond, we had trouble finding the trailhead and staying on the vague trail. We managed to keep on the trail going up, but lost it coming down. But on our ascent, once we got out of the trees, the trip was straightforward and enjoyable. After the trail, we climbed a steep, rocky slope to the ridge. We tagged the north summit and then followed the ridge to claim the higher south summit.

The Wedge seen from Wedge Pond

The north summit seen from the ridge

Hiking the ridge to the northeast face of The Wedge

After leaving the treeline, we soon started scrambling

On the north summit: Dale, Kari, Marina, and Anita

Hiking along the ridge after leaving the north summit

Studying the ridge leading to the south summit

View of the summit from above the crux

Kari nears the bottom of the crux

Marina on the true summit

Looking back at the north summit

Leaving the summit

Still coming down from summit

Marina scrambles back up the crux

Looking down at Dale as he studies the crux

Anita on the crux: the ridge narrows with a sheer drop on both sides

Coming down from the north summit

Back on the grassy shoulder

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