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Grizzly Peak
Kananaskis, Alberta
September 14, 2002

Gert, Kari, Dinah and I attempted Mount Evan-Thomas, but it became too difficult and exposed for us. Following the west ridge as we did turned out to be a bad idea. We turned around after we got 350 m higher than Grizzly's 2500-metre peak. So we climbed Grizzly Peak instead. It's an easy hike and very short.

View of Grizzly Peak from the the highway

On the trail high above Ripple Rock Creek

Dinah and Kari shared a cave (mouse over to see inside) about 30 minutes into our trip

We traversed the slope until we were able to gain the saddle on the left

On the saddle heading toward Evan-Thomas

Looking back at Grizzly Peak

Still making our way up the slope

Scrambling along the ridge

Kari and Dinah on the ridge crest

Gert looks for a way to cross a gap

We turned around on Mount Evan-Thomas at this point

Carefully heading back along the ridge

Negotiating a ledge

After attempting Mount Evan-Thomas, we went on to bag Grizzly Peak

82 J/14 Spray Lakes

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