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Wilson Pimple
aka Potato Knoll
Red Rock Conservation Area, Nevada
April 23, 2015

Distance: 6.6 km (4.1 mi)
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 236 m (774 ft

When Dinah and I set off to hike up Wilson Pimple in Red Rocks, I had no intention of posting it on my website. Against a backdrop of peaks towering hundreds of metres above it – for instance, Mount Wilson – the knoll seemed utterly insignificant. But two things changed my mind. First, we admired the plateau-like summit with its pleasing mix of cacti and bushes entangled in red and orange sandstone boulders. And second, Wilson Pimple bears a metal summit register, an unusual honour for a little hill.

Wilson Pimple is conveniently near popular Oak Creek Canyon. Three trails lead to the canyon; we used the southernmost one which runs directly to Wilson Pimple. After parking at the trailhead on Blue Diamond Road, we hiked up the broad trail.

The trail runs over a pass on the west side of Wilson Pimple and continues to Oak Creek Canyon. On the pass, however, a side trail goes up the Pimple. The trail fades on the summit plateau, but various pathways meander through the rocks and bushes to the summit. Given the modicum of energy it took to reach the top, the views were more than adequate. Despite its name, Wilson Pimple should never be thought of a desert blemish.

KML and GPX Tracks

Starting down Oak Creek trail, Wilson Pimple (the bump above Dinah) is dwarfed by Mount Wilson and Rainbow Mountain

We passed through a gate

The trail is lined with desert vegetation, including yuccas in the foreground

The trail cuts a broad swath through the desert

The trail turns left before reaching Wilson Pimple

Mount Wilson fills the view

Following the main trail over the pass west of Wilson Pimple

Dinah starts up the side trail going up the Pimple

As we climbed we have a good view of Rainbow Mountain

Looking south

The trail tops out on the plateau ahead

On the plateau heading to the summit

Beavertail cactus

On the summit

Looking back at the summit from the north end of the summit plateau

Rainbow Mountain

Horned lizard

Hedgehog cactus

Blue Diamond (4.1 mi, 4436 ft, 738 ft)

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