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Valley of Fire
April 24, 2009

With a few hours to spare before we caught our flight back to Calgary, we visited the Valley of Fire for the first time. There are no peaks here to climb but I found a high where took the above panorama. The sandstone landscape is fascinating. We only had time for a few short hikes, but the Valley of Fire deserves to be allotted much more time.

Hiking down a canyon


Heading to Mouse's Tank

Mouse's Tank: rain water collects in a small rock basin

Prehistoric petroglyph of a big horn sheep (mouse over to back up)

More petroglyphs

Clockwise from top left: chuckwalla, side-blotched, desert iguana and zebra-tailed lizards
(mouse over each to zoom in)

Elephant rock

Interesting rocks everywhere

Cabins built in 1935 (mouse over for a close-up)

Exploring the cliffs above the cabins

On a high point (mouse over)

Looking down at Dinah (centre) from my perch

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