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Fracture Ridge
Henderson, Nevada
January 20, 2014

Distance: 10.4 km (6.5 mi)
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 616 m (2021 ft

Fracture Ridge may be low on excitement and short on features, but it's a pleasant hike that requires little study. A trail runs nearly to the summit, although one must pay close attention to the many junctions.

Dinah and I followed Jim Boone's route. The description worked well until we reached the saddle. We were puzzled to find that the trail turned south away from the summit. We hiked north cross-country for a short distance before coming across the ridge trail leading to the summit. On the summit we found expansive views in all directions except north where Black Mountain rises above Fracture Ridge.

On our descent, we found where the ridge trail meets the main trail. The junction is obscured, but there's a reason for that. After emailing Jim Boone, I learned that BLM doesn't want anyone to use the trail going up to the ridge. On our descent we should have retraced our ascent track back to the saddle even though it meant going off-trail (Jim Boone has since rewritten the route description for that section).

On our way back, we took the alternative descent. While less scenic than the suggested approach, it is shorter. Fracture Ridge may not stand out against many other desert peaks, but we still enjoyed our outing.

KML and GPX Tracks

Hiking along the retention basin. Black Mountain left and Fracture Ridge right.

On Black Mountain Trail

A side trail leads to Fracture Ridge

The trail drops down and ascends the ridge ahead

We missed the side trail going to the summit and ended up on a saddle

After leaving the main trail at the saddle we hiked cross-country

Scary volcanic rock

Back on track

Following the trail through a desolate section

The way becomes more rocky as we neared the summit

Blue Diamond Cholla

Looking back along the ridge

On the summit

Heading back on the descent trail

Looking back at Fracture Ridge

Sloan NE (6.5 mi, 4908 ft, 1909 ft)

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