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Panorama taken on the lake

Upper Kananaskis Falls
March 9, 2002

There is little to say about this trip as the route was simple. We followed the north shore of Upper Kananaskis Lake until we reached the west end. From there we headed to the Upper Kananaskis Falls. Although the effort was minimal because there was no elevation gain, the views were open as we crossed the lake. Our only concern was crossing the avalanche slope at GR294103 but fortunately it was uneventful.

Snowshoeing across the lake (mouse over to look back)

Almost at the other side of the lake. Unnamed peaks ahead

We made our way through some trees

Lower Kananaskis Falls ahead

There is little to see of the falls because of the thick snow layer

The snow was level with the bridge railing

Heading back down the falls

At the edge of the lake

Skirting some broken ice

82 J/11 Kananaskis Lakes

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