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Kent Ridge South
Kananaskis, Alberta
February 9, 2002

The south end of Kent Ridge offers a good climb on snowshoes. By keeping in the trees, we reached the crest while avoiding avalanche slopes.

We parked at the Black Prince day use area and crossed the road to the lower slopes of Kent Ridge. Partway up we made the mistake of venturing too far right and came to an avalanche gully. We quickly made a course correction and continued on to reach a knoll. After dropping down the other side, we continued climbing until we attained the crest and peered over the other side. While everyone else was content to rest, I continued on for nearly a kilometre along the ridge to a point 120 m higher up before turning around.

South end of Kent Ridge seen from Mount Warspite. I left the group on the treed ridge
(middle of photo) while I climbed to a higher point on the left.

Dropping down from a knoll on the slope

Looking back at the knoll (mouse over to zoom in)

View of the end of the ridge and cloud-covered Lower Kananaskis Lake

Another view of the knoll we climbed over

Trees thin near the crest

On the ridge crest looking west at the Opal Range

As far as I got. Is that Mount Kent on the left?

That's me posing for a photo

Rita takes a tumble

L to R: Vic, Rick, Yore, Sarah, Dinah, Zora and Rita

82 J/11Kananaskis Lakes

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