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A partial panorama from the top

"Haig Ridge"
Castle Wilderness
, Alberta
February 17, 2002

This trip for Haig Ridge starts at the Castle Mountain Ski Resort, a half hour's drive west of Pincher Creek, and climbs the northeast ridge of Mount Haig. At the lunch spot, we split up into two groups. A more leisurely group took a long lunch before turning around. Dinah Kruze, Lori Badran and I pushed on to the top of the ridge. Just before the ridge crest we were able to remove our snowshoes and continue on foot to the top where we were treated to great views, not to mention a mountain goat that fled before I could take out my camera.

On the return (route not shown on the map) we dropped down to the valley and followed Gravenstafel Brook back. It turned into a stunning canyon. Although beautiful, it was also difficult to snowshoe down. Eventually the three of us emerged from the canyon and caught up with the rest of our group.

KML and GPX Tracks

Heading up a cutline

We passed intertwined trees on the ascent

The ski hill, Gravenstafel ridge, lies in the background

Burnaby Ridge behind us

We split up soon after I took this photo

Dinah, Lori and I continued up the ridge

The ridge leads to Mount Haig seen here

The grade eases before the top

Lori hams it up

Lori and Dinah make their way to the high point on the ridge

On top in front of the cairn

Heading back

Lori slides down

Returning via the creek

The creek drops into a canyon

We lost the sun as we dropped down to the creek

Negotiating the narrow confines of the creek

82 G/8 Beaver Mines

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