Mount Engadine
Kananaskis, Alberta
July 6, 2003

Much of the ascent is enjoyable scrambling, but be prepared for a lot of route-finding, often backtracking to get around cliff bands and overhangs. After summiting, we descended via the west-facing gully as recommended but we ran into a narrow waterfall drop-off. The next gully east was also too steep to downclimb and we ended up on the second gully over. Next time, I'll go back the same way or try a gully further west.

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KML Track

Mount Engadine seen from Mount Buller

It gets interesting once above the treeline

Working our way along ledges

We stayed below the ridge for some time

More side-sloping

On the ridge. On the descent we went down this gully.

We found we could stay below the ridge most of the time

Looking back at one of the overhangs that must be bypassed

Some good scrambling can be found along the ridge

Straddling the ridge

Coming up to a downclimb. Summit is in view.

Steep climb before the summit

Looking back at the ridge. The final few metres was a scree slog.

Last steps to the top

Dale waits for us at the summit cairn

Coming down the gully

Rotuefinding wasn't easy on our descent

82 J/14 Spray Lakes

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