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Upper Canyon Creek, North Fork
GR427439, GR412442

Kananaskis, Alberta
June 9, 2001

I remember little of bagging the two peaks, but the rock formations on this trip left a lasting impression, truly amazing! The area is easily and quickly accessed from the north fork of Upper Canyon Creek. This was a delightful ridgewalk. I wanted to push on to climb GR409435, but my companions bailed because of strong winds. I do want to return to do the complete ridge walk.

Hiking up the drainage

The right fork leads to this valley. We ascended the ridge on the right.

From the ridge (GR427439) unusual rock formations can be seen. GR412442 is on the left.

This huge rock takes on the likeness of a dinosaur head

Another large rock. Note the figure on the right.

More strange rock

Rick and Kari in a tiny cave (mouse over for a close-up)

On the ridge

Heading to GR412442.

Short scramble before reaching the top

Ahead is GR409435

Another oddball rock partway down the slope

More unusual rock

View from across the valley of the rocks we had visited earlier

Shark-like rock appears to be attacking Marina!

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