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Goat Mountain (Reconnaissance)
Kananaskis, Alberta
December 24, 2001

Dinah and I took advantage of Spray Lakes Reservoir being frozen to walk across it and explore the lower slopes of Goat Mountain. We didn't climb high – only 350 m gain – because of deep snow and avalanche risk, nor did we expect to. It was just interesting to hike cross the reservoir and view the mountains from the other side.

The trip was noteworthy not only for frozen lake scenery, but also because the fresh perspective gave me the idea of ascending an unnamed peak below Mount Lougheed: Little Lougheed. Sometimes vague, exploratory trips can yield surprises.

Looking west at Goat Mountain

Looking south down Spray Lakes Reservoir

Mount Sparrowhawk

First and second peaks of Mount Lougheed, Little Lougheed bottom right



View from the west shore of Spray Lakes Reservoir

Crystals on the lake took on the appearance of roses (mouse over for a close-up)

Windtower, Mount Lougheed and Mount Sparrowhawk

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