Waputik Peak (attempt)
Banff, Alberta
June 22, 2002

I read a vague account that indicated Waputik Peak could be reached using the Bath Creek Trail. Dinah and I started up the trail only to find it was largely overgrown and full of deadfall from disuse. We soon left the trail and headed up the ridge. On the way up, we discovered a tarn, a surprise since it's not on the map. We gained the ridge but the vertical rock before the peak was insurmountable. We climbed to the top of a false summit where I took a panorama. Instead of returning the same way, we dropped down to Bath Creek.

Obviously we left the trail prematurely. Had we stayed on the trail longer we likely would have reached the summit without difficulty.

Postscript: We returned and made the summit in 2011.

The south end of Waputik Peak from the highway

Interesting terrain after leaving the trail

Hiking up the slope

This beautiful tarn is not on the map

Ascending above the tarn

We reach the ridge.

Mount Bosworth

The ridge proves to be rugged.

We're unable to drop down the other side of this point (mouse over for a
close up).

The summit (far right) is some distance away.

We drop directly down to the trail.

Along the trail we found rusted mining equipment and this decrepit cabin.

Panorama from the high point we reached

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