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View from Teepee Mountain

Mount Stevens and Teepee Mountain
Cranbrook, B.C.
July 31, 2010

Mount Stevens and Teepee Mountain are a straightforward, and I should add, straight-up, hike. Save for a dip near the beginning, it's an unrelenting steep ascent to reach Mount Stevens followed by a relaxed traverse of the col and a steep climb to the higher Teepee Mountain.

On Sonny's invitation, Dinah and I joined him for a weekend in B.C. On our first day we climbed Stevens and Teepee, northeast of Cranbrook and about a 1.5 hour drive from Fernie.

A good trail climbs the wooded slopes, so easy we gained nearly 500 m in the first hour, although with trees blocking our views there was no reason to tarry. After gaining another 500 m, trees began to fall away and we got glimpses of distant scenery. And then we saw the summit ridge of Stevens.

The ridge rose above the treeline like a rocky spine, yet it was an easy hike up the trail to the summit on the left. Three hours after starting we were on the summit. Teepee Mountain was close but first we stopped for lunch.

There was little to see from Stevens. It was cloudy and views west across the Kootenay River Valley were hazy. Northeast, we noted dark clouds where a distant storm rumbled.

After lunch we dropped 60 m down to the col and ascended 200 m to Teepee's summit. The added exertion was worth it. From it's summit, Stevens looked like an insignificant bump. After a long stay, we headed back.

Two and a half hours later we were back at the car. The pounding back down the trail left Dinah and Sonny with sore feet, but we were all pleased with our efforts.

Sonny's Trip Report
KML Track


A good trail leads to Mount Stevens

Sonny signs the register near the start

We get a glimpse of the summit ridge

The trail finally leaves solid forest and enters mixed terrain

Mount Stevens summit is the high point left of centre

Unnamed peak behind

The trail continues up scree to the ridge crest

Switchbacks to the ridge

Looking north at Teepee (left) and Mount Wirth (centre right, mouse over for a close-up)

Heading to the summit of Stevens

Looking back from the summit

Lunch on Mount Stevens

Panorama from Stevens

Heading to Teepee

Traversing the col (mouse over to look back)

Looking back at Stevens

Standing by one of the cairns on Teepee

Teepee Mountain and Mount Stevens seen from the access road

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