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Mount Niblock
Lake Louise, Alberta
July 20, 2003

Dinah and I teamed up with the Hostel Hostel Outdoor Group to scramble up Mount Niblock. The cliffs above Lake Agnes called for careful consideration, but after scrambling up them, the rest of the trip was easy.

KML Track

Mount Whyte and Lake Agnes

Mount Niblock

The cliffs above the scree cone present a challenge

Heading up the scree

At the falls above the scree cone

Starting up the cliffs above the scree

Almost on the cliff tops

Regrouping on a precipice

Mount White

Heading up from the col

Below a cliff face

On the ridge

Great scenery in the background

Leaving the summit


Climbing right of this buttress leads to an more exciting ridge climb than the
gully on the left

Heading back to Lake Agnes

82 N/8 Lake Louise

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