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Sunwapta Peak
Jasper National Park, Alberta
August 20, 2005

Dinah and I should've slept in for this trip as it was quicker than we expected. At our unhurried pace we did the trip in 7:20 including a 45-minute stay on the summit.

We found the trail without difficulty. It followed a drainage that was surprisingly scenic with its waterfalls and cascades. It certainly appeared more inviting than the endless scree above it. Once above the treeline, the objective is clear: slog up the slope to the peak. For the most part, however, the scree was firm. Ahead of us we noticed a group of three making their way to the summit.

In time, we gained the ridge. From below, the ridge appeared to level off but we were deceived: the ridgeline was as steep as the slope. We finished off the last section before the summit in soft snow. It was steep so that had the snow been crusty here, it may have called for ice axes.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the group ahead had put up flags on the summit cairn. It came as no surprise that they climbed Sunwapta as an Alberta Centennial Peak. We exchanged cameras to do group shots of each other and chatted for a while. They told us that they had been turned back twice before on this mountain. On one occasion they hadn't even gotten out of the car because the weather was so bad!

The descent was unremarkable except for being fast. We were back at the parking lot by mid afternoon. Despite the four-hour drive, this peak can be readily done as a day trip from Calgary.

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)
KML Track

Sunwapta Peak seen from Tangle Ridge

We gained a lot of elevation on the steep trail

Near the treeline, the peak comes into view

The treeline is still far away

Looking back at the drainage

We headed straight up to the ridge (mouse over to look down)

Endless scree to hike up

Tangle Ridge in the background

The ridge was unexpectedly steep

Slogging up more scree

We passed some large cornices

Hiking up the last few metres to the summit. Mount Athabaska in the centre.

Summit is just beyond the rise

Centennial ascent group set up flags at the cairn

Mount Alberta appears above a glacier

Happy to be on the summit!

83 C/6 Sunwapta

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