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Mount Weed
Banff National Park, Alberta
August 17, 2003

Be prepared for a slow climb up the ascent scree gully on Mount Weed. The gully is so broad that it appears you're not even moving! Once you get to the rocks, things become more interesting. As the Scrambles book warns, rockfall is indeed a hazard. We started a rockfall – running like a waterfall – that lasted for a few minutes! When Dinah and I reached the summit, we could see little as smoke from a forest fire blunted the scenery.

KML Track

Mount Weed from the highway

Hiking up the drainage

Still in the drainage

Picturesque side canyon that we passed

We reached an open area before the two boulders

The twin boulders indicated we are on track

Hiking on the rubble in the drainage

Looking back at the boulders

The ascent gully snakes up south of Mount Weed

We finally reached the base of the rocks

Interesting rock formation (mouse over for a different angle)

We welcome the change of scenery from the long approach

Ascending the gully below the summit

Coming out of the gully

Then it's a short hike up scree to the summit

Dinah sits by the summit cairn

82 N/15 Mistaya Lake

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