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View from a high point past the summit

Opal Ridge North Peak
Kananaskis, Alberta
July 21, 2002

The North Peak is actually the start of a long ridge. The North Peak, according to my GPS receiver, sits 2416 m high and gains 824 m from the trailhead, a trek of 2.6 km from the trailhead. However, it's worth pushing on because of the better views and easy hiking along the ridge. Dinah and I continued along the ridge to ascend a slightly higher point, GR307315 (2496 m).

KML Track

View of the North Peak from the base of Mount Kidd

Making our way up the ridge

On the ridge

Nearing the summit

Easy scrambling

Heading to the ridge crest

Photo taken from the summit described by Kane. A three-metre scramble put us on the "highest adjacent point."

From the North Peak we continued on and climbed the point in the centre

Looking north at The Wedge

Looking back along the ridge from the high point

Descending from the high point

Taking a break below the summit on the way back

82 J/14 Spray Lakes

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