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Cougar Mountain
Kananaskis, Alberta
July 17, 2004

Ascending Cougar Mountain was straightforward. After cycling up the road along Little Elbow River for 12.1 km, we stashed our bikes just after a high point after the bridge. After climbing a steep forested slope we found ourselves on a open slope by a rain gauge. We trudged up to gain the ridge. It was an easy scramble to the false summit.

From the false summit, the true summit appears disappointingly far away, especially when taking in the elevation loss. However, there is some good scrambling to be had before reaching the true summit.

MOVIE (posted on YouTube)

KML Track

Biking the Little Elbow Trail

The false summit of Cougar Mountain seen from the trail

We passed a rain gauge on the lower slopes

Heading to the ridge and to the false summit

Looking back at the Little Elbow River Valley

On the ridge crest

False summit ahead

Easy scrambling here
(Dinah is in lower left)

At the base of the buttress, we went left on a goat track

Before reaching the top of the false summit, be prepared to trudge up much scree. Threepoint Mountain and Mount Rose create a backdrop.

From the false summit, the true summit is still a long way off and you lose almost 100 m

After losing elevation, we started ascending

Pondering our next move

Some interesting scrambling along the way

And more scrambling

Looking back at the false summit

The summit still appears far off

The tarn below does not appear on the map

Outlaw Peak, Mount Cornwall, Banded Peak and Mount Glasgow from the summit

Dinah standing near the summit

Heading back down

82 J/10 Mount Rae

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