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View from Mount Allison

Allison Peak & Mount Ward
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
August 20, 2004

Dinah and I almost didn't get started on this trip. Recent rains had muddied the Allison Creek Road so badly that we nearly become stuck several times. The logging road that we turned onto was drier, but it challenged our low-clearance vehicle. We parked 1.5 km short of the trailhead before starting off.

The trip was mostly straightforward. Mount Ward, which I had done in 2001, is an easy ascent via Window Lake trail. Following the ridge to Mount Allison, however, was a bit more technical. Staying mostly below the ridge crest, we encountered only moderate scrambling, although routefinding was time-consuming. After bagging Allison Peak we took our time returning. We looked for and found the window described in the Scrambles book. We also took a break at a cave that was filled with crystals.

MOVIE (1:41)
KML Track

Mount Ward appears above the logging road we hiked up

The path to Window Lake

Starting up the slope from
Window Lake

Unusual rock on the slopes of Mount Ward

Dinah stands between two cairns on Ward

Panorama from
Mount Ward

Seven Sisters, Crowsnest Mountain and Window Mountain

From Mount Ward, connecting ridges lead to Allison Peak on the left

A steep climb up the ridge

Soon after leaving Mount Ward we found this section required routefinding

After traversing mid-slope, we were back on the ridge crest, but not for long

Negotiating below the ridge to Allison Peak

We regained the ridge here where there is a tarn in the background

Looking up at the last stretch before the summit

Summit cairn

Heading down from Allison, we see Ward (round peak) and Window (sharp peak)

The window below Mount Allison

Crystal cave (mouse over for a close up of the crystals)

82 G/10 Crowsnest, 82 G/15 Tornado Mountain

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