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Mount Rundle
Banff National Park, Alberta
July 5, 2005

A long but pleasant, easy scramble. Best done in the early or late season when there are few people. My first two attempts with Dinah in April 2002, June 2002, and December 2004 fell short of the summit because of snow, but I was successful with a solo ascent at the beginning of July. Then, since I had been up the mountain thrice April , I concentrated on getting up and down quickly. I wished I had taken my time and stopped to take photos (I did, however, take a summit panorama). But drawing from from my attempts with Dinah, I was able to add some photos. I should return and do a proper trip report!

KML Track

Mount Rundle seen from Mount Edith

Still lots of snow on the lowers slopes (April 2002)

On the trail (2004)

The large gully which some parties have mistakenly ascended (2004)

Dinah struggles in the snow (April 2004)

Starting up Dragon's Back, summit on the right (2004)

Sulphur Mountain behind us (June 2002)

Close to the summit (June 2002)

Looking back (June 2002)

We turned back just 30 m below the summit because we were slipping on the snow on rock slabs (June 2002)

82 O/4 Banff

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