View from the ridge near the top. A communications repeater prevented taking a panorama at the top.

Mount Bourgeau
Banff, Alberta
June 28, 2003

Just a hike and a long one at that. The repeater station at the top spoils the view and a cornice obstructed views to the east. We found better views when we walked southeast to the end of the summit ridge.

KML Track

East side of Mount Bourgeau from the HWY 1

Hiking above Bourgeau Lake


Basin before Harvey Pass

From the pass we hiked mostly offtrail to the summit

Maybe more like a trudge to the summit

Looking southwest from the summit

View to the Northeast

Heading to the southeast ridge to take panorama

Looking down at Bourgeau Lake

Heading back down

Tarn on Harvey Pass

82 O/4 Banff

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