A Tribute to Our Climbing Friends

Try Again Andrew Nugara Dave McMurray Bernadette Cadden Jonathan Chui Christine McNamara Zora Knezevic Bob Spirko Dinah Kruze Sonny Bou Zosia Zgolak Kari Haas Alan Kane Raff Kazmierczak

Over the last couple of decades, Dinah and I have been fortunate to have climbed with some remarkable friends. Some have cut new routes up mountains, most have led their own trips, and all are extremely experienced and have aided us in our mountain ascents. These are just a few. We'll never all get together, but I thought it would be interesting to draw and put them in one picture. Mouse over to show the name (it may take a moment to load). PDF file.

A Tribute to Trip Posters

Try Again Pika Alison Sekera Matt Hobbs Crux Matt Clay Vern Dewit So Nakagawa Daisy Josee Menard Fabrice Carrara Lincoln Rupert Chipmunk

I wanted to honour a few people whose trip reports I’ve valued over the years. They have shared their stories, providing information and inspiration to me and many others seeking adventures in the mountains. Mouse over to show the name. PDF file.

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