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Sentry Mountain
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
July 21, 2002

Distance: 8.4 km
Cumulative Elevation Gain: 1057 m

Following the west ridge, the route up Sentry Mountain is straightforward and interesting. Near the top, the scrambling becomes more challenging. If you don't mind exposure, stay close to the ridge. Instead of returning the same way, we ran down the scree slope and followed a drainage out at the bottom.

KML and GPX Tracks

Sentry Mountain seen from Mount Erickson

After hiking partway up, we hit our first scrambling section

Looking northwest at Mount Erickson

Gentle grade on the lower section

Scrambling became more interesting as we climbed higher

Looking back along the ridge

The ridge narrows

A few small ups and downs along the way

The hill behind is Island Ridge

Looking back down the ridge

Crowsnest Lake below and Crowsnest Mountain on the right

Dinah negotiates a particularly steep section just before the summit

After reaching the summit, we came down a scree slope

Back in the trees

Descending the drainage

82 G/10 Crowsnest

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