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East End of Wendall Route

After parking at the south end of the Yamnuska parking lot, I crossed the road and started up a trail marked by a No Motorized Vehicles sign. The boundary cutline runs parallel to this trail 150 m away and to reach it, I turned right at the third intersection. I followed the cutline to the south fork of Old Fort Creek, crossed it, and headed up the other side. The trail comes to a T-intersection and I went right. I hiked up the trail until I reached a high point after which the trail drops down sharply (I built a small cairn here).

I left the trail and went straight up the slope. Angling right would place me on a rubbly slope, but the better scrambling cliffs may be found straight up or even a bit left.

After gaining the cliff band, I worked my way right until I reached an open slope. I headed to the north end of the cliffs where I scrambled up the chimney.