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Okotoks Mountain
Kananaskis, Alberta
May 18, 2020

KML and GPX Tracks

Climbing the gate at the start

Hiking up the road

The summit ridge lies on the other side of a large meadow

I watched a coyote for several mintues as it crossed the meadow

Before reaching the other side of the meadow, passed a profusion of shooting stars

At the far end of the meadow, there's a corridor in the trees

Looking back after starting up the corridor

Eventually the corridor ends, and I started up the slope

Here, with the ridge top in sight, the grade steepens

Finally on the ridge, I can the north summit 300 m away

Southeast, l in the distance, I could see the bare summit of Mount Ware (left) and snow-covered Mount Rose and Threepoint Mountain

Windy Point Ridge and Gleason Ridge are probably thge closest mountains. Behind them are Volcano Ridge and Forgetmenot Mountain

I could see little of the mountain ranges to the west

Golden bean

I followed a faint trail to the north summit

There were no views from the north summit.

Several swallowtail butterflies floated along the ridge

The middle summit was also viewless, so I continued to the south summit

The south summit is open to the south

82 J/9 Turner Valley

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